Talent Analytics

Our human resources clients are positioned in both the private and government sectors. To empower our clients, we utilize our proprietary technology platform—JobsEQ—and our Real-Time Intelligence portal to help organizations recruit, hire, retain, and plan for workplace succession of their employee pools.

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We offer services to your organization on either the consulting side of the house through contractual engagements or through our JobsEQ technology platform. Both options work for our clients by utilizing big data in human resources—structured and unstructured data for marketing and hiring best practices.

Ask yourself how well you understand what drives performance in your workforce? With Chmura and with our JobsEQ technology platform, you can make the paradigm shift away from trusting your gut to trusting your data.

Our Work


Our JobsEQ clients in banking, retail, commercial real estate, education, and workforce planning are examples of the clientele we serve.

Our LaborEQ product can rank available labor by site selection best practices.

Human CapitalSupply & Demand

Need to make an expansion decision? Need to be near a university for access to labor pipelines? Know where to put your expanding operations based on a sustainable supply of talent.

Your organization is a local economy. Work with Ph.D. economists to make those critical decisions.

Human CapitalStrategic Planning

HR clients develop robust insights into hiring needs based on analysis of JobsEQ job postings data. Resumes data and reports are available to uncover not only the geolocation of talent, but the hard and soft skills employers need from their new hires.  

Become experts in the supply of and the demand for talent including compensation.

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We provide the data and analyses to help recruit talent by geolocation, prioritize capital expenditures, and expand operations based on available labor. We take the hard work out of hiring and replace it with the best talent analytics available to human resources professionals.