Whether measuring DoD dependency on the New England economy and the impact of potential reductions in DoD spending, or creating a report for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia on the impact of building a natural history museum, we’re helping states, counties, and cities from San Antonio, Texas to Port Huron, Michigan demonstrate economic impact and make critical decisions. Contact us to see which of our products and services best suit your needs.

From event-driven tourism and its importance to regional economies, to making a case for public bond issuance, our custom consulting studies are helping our government clients apply diversification strategies, create spending plans, and anticipate job creation.

Our Work


We conducted a study for NASA Langley Research Center that measured the impact of operational spending and employment at two of their facilities and compared it to initiatives from previous years to help plan operational spending.



We developed a survey of visitor profiles for Tompkins County using economic and demographic measures as well as visitor motivations, satisfaction, and likelihood of repeat visitation, to inform strategy for tourism program initiatives.



We examined the direct, indirect, and induced economic impact to the state’s economy in terms of sales, jobs, and tax revenue of the 8-year commemoration for the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission, to evaluate the positive contribution to the state’s economy.


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