Universities and community colleges often need to demonstrate their impact on the regions around them to gain funding for critical programs, or to learn the demand for retraining a population for new careers after government spending cuts or industry shifts. Contact us to see which of our products and services best suit your needs.

Chmura is providing clients with the data and analysis they need to prepare for shifts in government spending in the Mid-Atlantic region, to show that the benefits of career colleges in Louisville, Kentucky far outweigh the costs to students and taxpayers, or to prove that programs in Virginia which educate aging-out foster youth make more economic sense than the impact of unemployment, welfare costs, and a higher rate of incarceration.

Our Work


We examined enterprise spending, employee earnings, student spending, and other economic activities of The George Washington University in order to quantify its contributions to the region and state.



We analyzed operational expenditures, capital expenditures, and spending by employees, students, and visitors, to measure Virginia Commonwealth University’s multifaceted impact on quality of life and economic growth in the city, MSA, and state.



We reported on metrics such as enrollment, accessibility, responsive to business needs, and workforce development of Tennessee’s private independent colleges to demonstrate how they contribute to the state economy and employability of the workforce.


What can Chmura do for you?

We can provide the data and analyses to help fund critical education programs, prepare local workers for careers, and better serve populations with economic barriers.