JobsEQ RTI - Real-Time Job Posting Data

Real-Time Intelligence

Online job postings data provide intelligence on the number of openings by occupation plus job locations, employers, job titles, certifications, skills, and compensation, to identify current job demand.

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Job postings provide a current picture of the jobs that employers need to fill today.  What and where are the jobs in demand, how many are there, who is hiring, and what are the certifications required to fill the jobs?  Workforce practitioners, economic developers, and higher education and training providers use these data to gain insights to business demand, help identify the workforce training required to address the needs of businesses, and help match job seekers with job openings. 





Identify high-demand certifications and prioritize training investments to meet the demand.

In-DemandJob Titles

Search by job titles or 8-digit SOC codes.

Job Postingsby Employer

Gain real-time insights into expanding businesses and develop strategies to address their workforce development needs.

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Real-time data on job openings, job titles, certifications, and hiring employers helps you keep up with the daily changes in your economy.