Designed and run by leading labor economists to help facilitate site selection decisions, LaborEQ™ puts labor supply, labor cost, and economic climate data across the country at your fingertips. Begin your site selection with a labor market analysis: How do industries and occupations compare across multiple markets in the U.S.? Official data sources can have a variety of drawbacks: data that are missing or suppressed, access that is geographically limited, updated infrequently and difficult to obtain. Chmura's labor data are detailed, timely, and credible, allowing you to quickly narrow your search to the top site locations for expanding businesses and trust that local labor market conditions are ideal for sustained growth.


The data you need to evaluate and make complex decisions. With extensive datasets, ever expanding models, and training to learn new features, there’s always more you can get from LaborEQ.

Standard & CustomReports

Quickly and cost-effectively examine multiple labor markets across the nation with simple copy and paste functionality and versatile download features.


Our models are constantly being updated, making new analytics available to system users at no additional charge.

Support &Training

To help you get the most from LaborEQ, we offer live chat user support and free webinars to refresh skills or train on a new feature.

The tool is quick and easy to use; the wage tool is fantastic

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The JobsEQ team members respond to questions quickly and precisely and are very customer friendly!

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