Our Team

As a diverse team of PhD economists, statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, and strategists, we contribute to innovations on the forefront of applied economics and data science, perform highly complex and customized services, and develop software that empowers our clients to realize their goals. We thrive on being able to turn data into actionable intelligence and give decision makers across public and private organizations the reports and findings they need to make confident decisions.

Data as Actionable Intelligence

As trusted economic advisors, we help our clients mitigate risk and prepare for growth by answering big data questions, quickly and effectively. By integrating historical, current and predictive market reports, we cut through confusing or anecdotal information, unreliable data sources, and opinions to increase your understanding from a macro to a micro level. We take pride in using our creativity to help you communicate complex advanced economic data sets to others by delivering highly visual and easy-to-use presentations and reports.



Find the ideal location for your expansion, determine the economic impact of your capital investment on the area economy, or get forecasts of key business metrics such as sales, delinquencies, and charge offs.
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Evaluate the economic and fiscal impact of investing in industrial park development, understand the ROI of incentive programs, and demonstrate the results of your economic development program.


Track workforce supply and characteristics, plot occupational pathways, or apply block-level labor data to help find the ideal location for hiring within a single market area. Know the ROI from your program implementation.


Align your training offerings to local industry demand, measure the economic impact of schools or academic programs on the community or state, or uncover opportunities for career pathway development.


Understand the impact of changes in federal spending, evaluate the cost-benefit of infrastructure improvements, get tourism visitor profiles and impact studies to implement strategies.


Our human resources clients are positioned in both the private and government sectors. To empower our clients, we utilize our proprietary technology platform—JobsEQ—and our Real-Time Intelligence portal to help organizations recruit, hire, retain, and plan for workplace succession of their employee pools.


Data-driven products, tools, and expertise to answer complex questions and implement solutions.

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Employment, wages, and education data down to the zip code level in a dynamic reporting tool.


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What business problem or opportunity could data help you solve or uncover? We can help your organization make confident decisions backed by verifiable data.