Job Growth in Manufacturing

In addition to breweries and wineries, other food and beverage manufacturing industries also number among those with the most job growth during the last decade. Within this time frame, retail bakeries and perishable prepared food manufacturing expanded by 21,074 and 17,884 jobs, respectively. Meat processed from carcasses grew by 11,213 jobs. Other snack food manufacturing, coffee and tea manufacturing, and cheese manufacturing each expanded by between 8,000 and 9,000 jobs over the last ten years.

Are American Workers Becoming More Fickle?

With the millennial generation entering the labor force, there is much talk that this new generation of workers is more mobile and less loyal to their employers. Chmura’s analysis of the historic employee tenure data shows that is not the case. While national employee tenure did decrease in recent years, it is more likely driven by economic conditions such as improved labor market conditions after the great recession.

Computer Science Jobs on the Rise

Many recent high school graduates are likely considering a postsecondary education in computer science because those jobs are growing quickly today. But what will demand be when those graduates enter the job market?

Hot-Jobs and Cool-Moves

Are you wondering what area of study your recent college-bound freshmen will choose? Maybe you can help by giving them something to aim for! And let them know where they can find a job once they’ve earned that degree, as some people may like warmer weather while others prefer cooler climates. In fact, providing information about the wages they could earn with that potential degree might be the best advise you can give them as they prepare for their upcoming campus experience!